This on-boarding process is being carefully redesigned with our IMC-USA other chapter colleagues. We’ll keep you appraised until this page is updated.

The First 100 Days has been designed to help new members:

  • Establish your consultancy
  • Get connected to IMC people and resources
  • Position your businesses and services
  • Find referrers and collaborators
  • Get your business operations up and running
  • Find and engage with your first clients



A checklist of must-do’s and links to do them.

Topics include:

  • Self-assessment
  • IMC-GA and IMC-National Resources
  • Business License
  • Incorporation
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing and Sales; Websites
  • Social Presence
  • Business Cards and Other Printing
  • Software Tools + Apps
  • Admin Support


This orientation and learning meeting is scheduled as soon as possible for new members. It will help you get engaged with other new and established members quickly and help you take full advantage of the IMC organization—locally and nationally.

Topics include:

  • IMC Orientation
  • Intro to Certification
  • Our Mentoring Program
  • Profile Building for our member directory
  • Proactively building your network
  • Ongoing Professional Education
  • Lessons Learned from Successful Members

Steps #3 and #4 – PRACTICE 101, 201

Meeting #3 supplies you with the basic tools you will need to operate your own consultancies successfully. This is not about theory. It’s all about practice!

Meeting #4 goes into more depth and is customized to your own practice. We’ll help you build your plan, your brand, and your pipeline.

Topics include:

  • Business Plan development
  • Practice management
    – contract/proposal review
    – client challenges mid-engagement
    – how to grow, add consultants, collaborate, etc.
    – pricing
    – partnership – when to add one?
    – exit planning
    – strategic alliances
    – software choices
  • Working with Your mentor
  • Finding Prospects
  • Building a Referral Network
  • Education