Why do so many IMC USA members become certified?

Being a CMC® indicates you have met the highest global standards and ethical canons of the profession. Your CMC® highlights your consulting competencies, professional behavior, client and project management and personal conduct and is recognized by 42 countries in the world!

Reason #1: Strengthen your foundation.

Even highly seasoned consultants report it provides a better understanding of their service delivery and business management as a result of studying IMC USA’s Core Competency Framework to prepare for certification.

Reason #2: Broaden your network and knowledge-sharing ability.

Use today’s technology and your CMC® to connect with high-level peers throughout the United States and the world. This builds relationships can lead to collaborative national and international consulting projects.

Reason #3: Use your CMC® as a differentiator

With your clients and prospective clients. It offers the opportunity to describe the qualifications and rigors of achieving certification. Clients and prospects gain even more assurance of your professional experience, qualifications and standards.

Reason #4: Highlight Your Standards.

Clients and prospects see evidence of your ethical standards when you include the IMC USA’s Code of Ethics in all of your proposals. The CMC® requires written and oral examinations on ethics, as well as renewal requirements. Sharing this adds to your credibility among your clients and your prospective clients.

For me, the CMC® provides a key way to differentiate myself from other consultants. Undergoing the rigors of the CMC® is a strong statement and certainly builds trust. I include the Code of Ethics as an attachment to all of my contracts because clients like the fact that I take ethics and professionalism so seriously. I believe that my CMC® and how I position it helps me gain business and keep clients.
Cynthia Currence, CMC®

Reason #5: Provide Guidelines for Ethical Dilemmas.

If faced with an ethical dilemma on your own, the IMC USA’s Code of Ethics and your CMC® peers can help you make the right decisions. Tap into the wisdom and experience of fellow CMC’s® who can offer thoughtful insights and use the IMC USA’s Code of Ethics as a simple and comprehensive guide to help you make sound decisions.

I had a dilemma. After uncovering a client situation, I had to decide whether to take the information to the “C” level or not, even if it meant breaking confidence with the one who revealed the situation to me. After several days of inner turmoil, I reported the problem to the “C” level. When I later became a CMC®, I learned IMC USA’s Code of Ethics covered the dilemma I faced. I was relieved to know I’d made the right decision. With IMC USA’s Code of Ethics guidelines, I could have made my decision more easily and confidently!
Jo Smith, CMC®

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Then, email our Certification Chair, Dr. Stanley Sloan, PhD, CMC at: sloanmgmt@gmail.com to answer questions and get started!