Mentoring Program

As you join IMC, we will match you up with a mentor who will help you get the most out of IMC and help you in your practice development. We will look at a number of factors in finding the best member partner.

Seminars / Workshops / Panels

We provide a number of formats and approaches to learning and building relationships. In addition to our own events, we partner with other associations to leverage a wider array of offerings for our members. These strategic alliances can enhance your membership experience in so many ways.

MasterMind Opportunities

Practice development and collaboration – these quarterly events provide small discussion groups where you can learn from your colleagues, share ideas, present issues or challenges in a confidential environment and get real-time feedback from subject matter experts.

These are lively, interactive, facilitated roundtables with other professional consultants, designed to get you thinking and walking away with ideas you can implement immediately!


Being a CMC® indicates you have met the highest professional and ethical standards of consulting. Earning the CMC® highlights your consulting competencies, professional behavior, client and project management and personal conduct. It is recognized by 42 countries in the world! It adds to your credibility among your clients and your prospective clients.

For me, the CMC® provides a key way to differentiate myself from other consultants. I include the Code of Ethics as an attachment to all of my contracts because clients like the fact that I take ethics and professionalism so seriously. I believe that my CMC® and how I position it helps me gain business and keep clients.
Cynthia Currence, CMC®